Anthony Nanson

is a Gloucestershire-based

writer and storyteller

with a background in natural
sciences, education, and publishing. He enjoys the exciting synergies of working with both the oral
and the written word. A love of


, authenticity, and the spirit of place informs all his work.

Anthony is the author of Deep Time (2015) - a prehistoric lost-world adventure romance - and three
collections of stories: Exotic Excursions (2008), Gloucestershire Folk Tales (2012), and (with
Kirsty Hartsiotis) Gloucestershire Ghost Tales (2015).

As a professional storyteller since 1999, hes worked in arts centres, bookshops, cafes, camps,
castles, charities, churches, clubs, conferences, festivals, fetes, galleries, gatherings, libraries,
parties, retreat centres, schools, theatres, universities, weddings, woods - in Britain and abroad -
and has appeared on television and radio. With the company Fire Springs, he has co-produced
such ground-breaking ecobardic epics as Arthur's Dream, Robin of the Wildwood, Return to
Arcadia, and Dark Age Deeds of the Celtic Saints

Anthony is also a pioneering ecocritic of storytelling practice. His writings in this field include
Storytelling and Ecology (2005), Words of Re-enchantment (2011), and (co-editor with Alida
Gersie and Edward Schieffelin) Storytelling for a Greener World (2014). He has taught creative
writing at Bath Spa University since 2001 and is a member of Equity and the Society of Authors.

If you would like hire to Anthony to perform as a storyteller, to facilitate storytelling- or writing-based
workshops, or to give a talk, please write to: