Other Publications by Anthony Nanson:

‘The Dead Are Not Dead’, Ariadne’s Thread, No. 1, 2012
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Book contributions
‘Ecobardic’, Kevan Manwaring (ed.), The Bardic Chair, Skylight Press, Cheltenham, in press
‘Afterword’, in Mary Palmer, Iona, 2nd edn, Awen, Stroud, 2011
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‘The Storytelling Imagination as Catalyst of Tolerance and Imagination’, in Tasoula Tsilimeni (ed.), ???f?? ?f???s??: ??a?t??? 4??
Fest?ß?? ?f???s?? ???µp??, University of Thessaly, Volos, 2010
‘How Can Live Storytelling Re-enchant the Natural World in an Electronic Age?’, in Tasoula Tsilimeni and Nikolaos Graikos (eds), ?f???s?
?a? pe??ßa????t??? e?pa?de?s?: ?e?µe?a ap? t?? ?µ?t?t?? d??µe??da p?? p?a?µat?p??????e st? ?.?.?. ??at?????? ???µp?? st??
12 & 13 ?a??? 2007, Environmental Education Centre of Eastern Olympus, Palios Panteleimonas, 2007
‘Storytelling: Raiders of the Lost Art’, in Fiona Bond, The Arts in Your Church, Piquant, Carlisle, 2001

‘Forbidden Ecstasy’, Vector, in press
‘Edward Thomas and Edward Garnett: The Fruits of a Literary Friendship’, Dymock Poets & Friends, No. 14, 2015
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‘Goals for Role-Playing’, White Dwarf, No. 52, 198

Papers presented
‘Storytelling for Sustainability’, Sustainability Week, University of Cardiff, 3 March 2015
Ecobardic Awen Awen Publications 10th Anniversary Celebration, Black Books Cafe, Stroud, 31 October 2013
‘The Brightly Lit Stage of the Inner World’, Other Voices Other Times, Bath Spa University, 29 June 2012
‘Spoken Fantasy or Living Lore?’, Folklore and Fantasy, Folklore Society and Sussex Centre for Folklore, Fairy Tales and Fantasy,
University of Chichester, 13-15 April 2012
‘The Well of the Saint and the Well of the Snake: Ecological Enchantment of a Local Landscape’, George Ewart Evans Centre for
Storytelling, University of Glamorgan, Cardiff, 17 May 2012
‘Oral Storytelling as a Method of Talking about the Environment in the Classroom’, In-Service Training Event for English Teachers in
Finland, Helsinki, 12 March 2011
‘Time and Desire in Stories from Ecology’, Land & Biology Society, University of the West of England, Hartpury College, 10 November
‘Using Storytelling to Communicate Change for a Sustainable World’, One Planet Leaders, WWF International, Charterhouse Ittingen,
Switzerland, 16-18 November 2009
‘What Do You Mean, “Ecobardic”?’, Ecobardic Mini-Fest, Cae Mabon, Llanberis, 30 April to 3 May 2009
‘Wonder Voyages: What Might They Mean?’, Exotic Excursions, Othona Community, Burton Bradstock, 24-27 September 2009
‘The Myth of King Arthur: A Creative Tradition’, King Arthur at Candlemass, Othona Community, Burton Bradstock, 1-4 February 2008
‘Two Sides to a Story: Storytelling as a Tool of the Imagination in Conflicts over Environmental Resources’, Rising Sun Country Park,
Newcastle, 8 March 2008
‘Stories from the Big Picture of Ecological History’, Tales to Sustain, Bishops Wood Centre, Stourport-on-Severn, 21-22 April 2007
‘Science Fiction Ethics of Terraforming Mars’, Cross-Fertilisations: Literature, Science and Nature, ASLE-UK, University College,
Chichester, 16-18 July 2004

The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell, Vector, in press
Nature’s Saviours by Graham Huggan, Green Letters, in press
The Dedalus Book of Modern Greek Fantasy edited by David Connolly, Vector, No. 275, 2014
Fearsome Journeys edited by Jonathan Strahan, Vector,  No. 274, 2013
The Storyteller’s Way by Ashley Ramsden & Sue Hollingsworth, Facts & Fiction, No. 85, 2013
Random Walk by Alexandra Claire, Vector, No. 271, 2012
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The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N K Jemisin, No. 264, 2010
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Experiments at 3 Billion a.m. by Alexander Zelenyj, Vector, No. 261, 2009
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