Testimonials and Reviews

About Anthony Nanson’s storytelling:

“Anthony Nanson, who runs community courses in storytelling at the University of Bath, is a master at breathing life into
written word.”
Annabel Hardy, Decode

“Nanson’s reading of the story was subtle and illuminating and the audience was clearly moved.”
Neil Jeffery, Facts & Fiction

“Anthony enthralled the audience at Littlehampton’s Lighthouse Cafe Club on Friday night with a performance which
proved that storytelling can appeal to grown-ups as well as children.”
Littlehampton Gazette

“The story of the Earth you told at Ruskin Mill, Anthony, was absolutely superb. Thank You for that.”
Gabriel Bradford Millar

“Anthony Nanson magnificently voiced the tragic unfolding of Orpheus and Eurydice, still poignant after thousands of
years and still gutting the audience at the end. His resonant voice amplified the material until it haunted us.”
Peter Alfred Please, Storylines

“We found him extremely professional, punctual, well rehearsed and his choice of material and performance excellent
- all our guests remarked how much they enjoyed his performance.”
Amanda and Anthony Raybone

“The threads holding the stories were drawn together by the last line ‘You cannot hate someone when you know their
story.’ It ended Anthony Nanson’s beautiful telling of how two nations went to war because one worshipped the sun
and the other the moon.”
Mary Taylor, Facts & Fiction

“Your storytelling was pure delight.”
Phil Taylor

About Fire Springs’ performances:

“Thank you very much for coming to the Bath Literature Festival. We were so pleased Fire Springs were able to
come, and we have had excellent feedback from the event.”
Bath Literature Festival

“Another really enjoyable performance - captivating and inspirational.”
Helen Brace

“Anthony and Kirsty were engaging and provided an imaginative range of stories for the older child and adult. They
were committed, professional and dedicated.”
Compton Verney Art Gallery

“I thoroughly enjoyed the evening … It was indeed a real feast.”
Fiona Eadie

“Very inspiring. Would love to come and hear your excellent stories again.”
Philippa Forsey

“Truly excellent. I felt very tense and anxious in the second half! The sequence after the three blasts on the horn totally
caught me.”
Jennie Gilling

“Very moved. The music made it for me. I especially liked the fact there were four complementing storytellers.”
Claire Nodder

“I’ve been to a lot of storytelling up and down the country, and this is as good as it gets.”
Ronald Hutton

“Firstly let me tell you how much my children and I enjoyed ‘Robin of the Wildwood’ at Rocks East Woodland. We've
never seen anything like it. Thank you.”
Eddie Smith

About Anthony’s teaching:

“Pots overflowing with gold and treasure!”
Simon Airey

“Very positive. Trainees were engaged throughout the day and involved in their writing.”
Bath Spa University, Education Department

“Very successful. Well received by very mixed groups. Pupils engrossed in stories.”
Bishop Ullathorne Catholic School

“A wonderful day with creative discoveries at every step of a well crafted experience.”
A Bit Crack, Newcastle

“The day was a fantastic introduction to using storytelling to inspire an interest in the environment in others. I was
impressed … how the tutor kept everybody involved. I hope to use my new skills soon!”
A Bit Crack, Newcastle

“We were very pleased with the whole event - from the arranging and planning right through. The children were
motivated and thoroughly enjoyed it. Anthony was very well organised.”
Haresfield Primary School

“As a teacher of storytelling techniques to an audience mixed in experience, age and so on, he has a very engaging
and flexible style. His own performances are memorable and full of interest. His commitment to the environmental
dimension (in some particular aspects of his work) is evident.”
Othona Community

“There was never a Tuesday when I did not look forward to the session, and was stretched and well satisfied on the
way home. I realise that you put a great amount of work into preparing each day. The structured input was some of the
best I have ever received … You clearly have immense knowledge and experience and are an authoritative and
charismatic teacher, but always with a listening ear to the needs of your students.”
Phil Taylor

About Anthony’s book Exotic Excursions:

“I rarely pick up and read short story collections, but this is quite simply superb. His love of language and artistry with
words is interwoven with plots which immediately engage the reader. Unusually, I found myself dwelling on aspects of
his storytelling days later.”
Vivien Meath, Clitheroe Advertiser & Times

“I enjoyed dipping into Exotic Excursions, and especially liked The Sun Cafe … Very atmospheric. An innocent
abroad and out of his depth with that surreal, brooding intensity. Had me hooked. Great writing.”
Peter Alfred Please

About Anthony’s book Storytelling and Ecology:

“Readers who are looking for theory and research focused on the use of storytelling in environmental education will
find just what they are looking for in Storytelling and Ecology by Anthony Nanson … At a time when storytellers in the
United States are trying to figure out what storytelling is and what it does, Nanson’s chapter on ‘making connections
between self and other’ provides us with a good road map … If you are looking for deep thinking about deep ecology
and how people are using storytelling to connect people with the natural world, then Storytelling and Ecology is the
book for you.”
Kevin Strauss, H-Nilas

About Anthony’s writing and editing elsewhere:

“A gem of a story; original, full of interesting detail, well-paced, and written with a masterly balance of dialogue and
descriptive passages. It is a neat story with hardly a stumble from beginning to end.”
Peter Cornell, Xenos

“‘A Drink Before Bedtime’ is Anthony Nanson’s work, and a fine piece of short fiction it is too.”
Simon Kerr, CWC Newsletter

“But much more than this, many many thanks for your expert, meticulous reading of the manuscript.”
Todd Lawson

About Fire Springs’ Arthur’s Dream CD:

“Having several voices makes for a more varied and entertaining performance than could have been achieved with a
solo storyteller, however good. They utilise all the tricks that come with practice to keep the work alive … a great way
of immersing yourself totally for a couple of hours!”
Pete Jennings, Pagan Dawn

“It’s an ambitious project - to bring the Arthurian cycle to a form that can be told within two hours. Fire Springs have
done just that … a good way into the labyrinthine world of the Matter of Britain.”
Eric Maddern, Storylines