Storytelling and Ecology: Reconnecting Nature and People through Oral Narrative
A penetrating study of the relationship between contemporary storytelling in the oral tradition and the ecological crisis now facing us. After explaining modern society’s disconnection from the natural world on which it depends, Anthony Nanson surveys the ways in which storytelling can help to renew connections between people and nature, through: contradicting the consensus of the powerful; providing an educational tool for wildlife interpreters; making connections between self and other; mediating the stories of the non-human; enchanting the landscape; and contributing to transformative ritual. In conclusion he assesses the qualities that influence storytelling's effectiveness in this ambition.

“If you are looking for deep thinking about deep ecology and how people are using storytelling to connect people with the natural world, then Storytelling and Ecology is the book for you.” - Kevin Strauss, H-Nilas

Storytelling/Environment ISBN 1-84054-125-3 Papyrus Series
Society for Storytelling/University of Glamorgan Press

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