Storytelling for a Greener World:

Environment, Community and Story-Based Learning

Edited by Alida Gersie, Anthony Nanson and Edward Schieffelin with Charlene Collison and Jon Cree
Foreword by Jonathon Porritt
This unique resource offers new ideas, stories, creative activities and methods for people working in
conservation, outdoor learning, environmental education, youthwork, business training, sustainability,
health, social and economic change. It shows how to encourage pro-environmental behaviour in
diverse participants: from organisation consultants and employees, to families, youth and
schoolchildren. The stories and their exploration engage people with nature in profound ways. The
book describes how this engagement enhances participants’ emotional literacy and resilience, builds
community, raises awareness of inter-species communication and helps people to create a
sustainable future together. Its innovative techniques establish connections between place and
sustainability. Facilitators can adapt all of this to their own situation.
“At the Royal Botanic Gardens, a growing belief in the power of storytelling to communicate on
environmental matters has led to us scouring the world for sources of inspiration. This book has come
along as an answer to our prayers and makes us feel part of something big and profoundly important to
life.” - Ian Edwards, Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh
“The human and environmental crisis of our times is not one of reason or technology ... Our burning
need is to recover a sense of meaning, to call back the soul, to recover love in all its meanings. This
book is a guide to such reconnection with the imagination and these writers are the alchemists of our
times.” - Alastair McIntosh
“There is a great and previously unfulfilled need for a book of this kind, which will be of interest and
usefulness to many people engaged, in different ways, in conservation, environmental education,
business training, sustainability and social and economic change.” - Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud, WWF
Environment/Education/Performance  ISBN No 978-1-907359-35-4  £20.00  Hawthorn Press
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