Words of Re-enchantment: Storytelling, Myth, and Ecological Desire
The time-honoured art of storytelling - ancestor of all narrative media - is finding new pathways of relevance in education, consciousness-raising, and the journey of transformation. Storytellers are reinterpreting ancient myths and communicating the new stories we need in our challenging times. This book brings together the best of Anthony Nansonís incisive writings about the ways that story can re-enchant our lives and the world we live in. Grounded in his practice as a storyteller, the essays range from the myths of Arthur, Arcadia, and the voyage west, to true tales of the past, science-fiction visions of the future, and the big questions of politics and spirituality such stories raise. The book contains full texts of exemplar stories and will stimulate the thinking of anyone interested in storytelling or in the use of myth in fiction and film.
"This excellent book is written with a storyteller's cadence and understanding of language. Passionate, fascinating and wise." - Hamish Fyfe
"His words are threaded through with a passionate faith that well-chosen, well-told stories ... can lift us from the mundane and help us see and feel what is truly valuable in life." - Eric Maddern
"packed full of inspiration" - Ron Donaldson

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